What is coaching ?

According to the International Coach Federation, Québec division, coaching is partnership that emphasizes the intentions of our clients so as to achieve their vision, their goals and their desires.

Why a coach?

1. For perspective

Entrepreneurs often struggle to take the needed step back in order to cover all blind spots when facing a situation. A coach is in a privileged position to help a leader take the best possible decision to the benefit of him or herself, of the team and of the business.

2. For intelligence

Having received training on the best business practices and brimming with examples and relevant tools, the coach can find solutions to ALL business challenges. Every problem has a solution, but solutions are not miracles that act instantaneously.

3. For emphathy and confidence

Feeling alone at the top? Whether it be because of a feeling of anxiety, of paralysis, of incapacity, of misfortune or for any other reason, it is important to talk about it and to pinpoint the reason behind the feelings and to then shift to solution mode.

?/ What is the difference between coaching, mentoring and consultation?

The best concise definition that I could find is from the site :

  • The consultant guides.
  • The coach develops skills.
  • The consultant recommends.
  • The mentor supports and motivates.